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Business Litigation

Lawsuits are a fact of life for every company. Most companies will find themselves involved in a lawsuit in one way or another.  Some industries are more litigious than others but the one thing they have in common is that every company is a target of a lawsuit.

Lawsuits can arise a number of ways, including: employee claims, creditor suits, collections, personal injury, intellectual property, tax liability, product liability, customer complaints, and all other imaginable circumstances. Sometimes you are the company bringing the lawsuit and sometimes you are the company defending the lawsuit.  Either way, we are experienced litigators and can competently handle any lawsuit from start to finish.


If you have been sued, the first thing you need to do is answer the complaint. If your are suing someone the first thing you need to do is file a complaint.  We will handle both of those actions for you at a low cost. After you answer a complaint or file a complaint the litigation begins.  We will discuss with you the strategies of the lawsuit and work out a litigation plan with you.  We will then discuss with you the fees associated with each stage of the litigation process.  You can hire us to litigate your lawsuit or another law firm.  But first things first, you must answer or file the suit and you can do that here.

Because litigation varies from case to case, we may decide that we are not able to take your case.  If we decide not to take your case we will refund you the amount you paid minus a consultation fee of $200. If you simply want to talk about your case and receive some guidance you can select the consultation option below.

After you order your legal service you will be directed to provide information about your company and transaction. You will then schedule a time to consult with a corporate attorney on the phone.  

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