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Intellectual Property

Depending on the nature of your business, intellectual property can be your greatest asset. Your failure to protect your intellectual property will weaken your competitive edge and reduce the value of your company. If you market your name or a product name you are acquiring an asset.  Each time a potential customer recognizes your name you have gained value.  To protect your name and stop others from using it and benefiting from all of your expense and hard work you need a trademark. Many trademarks are not approved.  To get a trademark it is always best to use an attorney who knows the law and how to get your trademark approved.


If you have important documents or even computer code it is important to get a copyright on those things so that you can more easily prevent plagiarism. Many companies competative edge depends on their trade secrets.  Trade secrets are those things processes that you use in your business that are not commonly known or used in your industry. 


The law will protect your trade secrets but only if you do everything in your power to protect them first.  One requirement to receive legal protection is that you have a trade secret protection plan in place. We prepare trade secret plans that will give you the most guidance and protection to keep your trade secrets safe.


After you order your legal service you will be directed to provide information about your company and transaction. You will then schedule a time to consult with a corporate attorney on the phone.  

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